General.  Throughout the villa you will find that all doorways are wide and all thresholds are level.  Flooring on the ground floor is either tiled or wooden which is perfect for wheelchair users.   The communal area on the ground floor is all open plan.

Pool and Spa.  The pool has a fabulous beach style entry which allows you to walk in slowly or use the pool wheelchair to wheel-in.  There is also a hoist available which provides access to both the pool and the spa.  The pool deck area is large with lots of space for wheelchair turning and access is level from the lounge area and also from the en-suite wetroom of master bedroom 1.

Master Bedroom 1.  This spacious room has plenty of space to manoeuvre a wheelchair and has a large closet to store medical supplies, equipment and clothes.  The twin electric profiling beds can be seperated and side rails fitted if required. The track for the electronic ceiling hoist is positioned for use over the beds and passes straight in to the en-suite wetroom.  This bedroom has it's own TV and DVD player.  There is a door leading from the neighbouring ground floor bedroom to this Master Bedroom which is perfect for carer access.

Master Bedroom 1  en-suite wetroom .  There is a double sink, with space for a wheelchair user to sit comfortably.  The automatic toilet has many features to assist with personal hygiene and the hoist track is positioned to allow a transfer directly on to the toilet.  There are grab bars available on both sides of the toilet for extra stability.  The hoist track also extends into the shower area of the wetroom where guests can use the pool chair or the shower trolley for showering.  There is a wide access  door straight on to the pool deck area.


Master Bedroom 2  en-suite wetroom .  This wetroom has a standard toilet and sink with grab bars either side of the toilet for extra stability.  The shower area is large enough for the guest to use the pool chair if necessary, however there is an additional shower chair available for this room.

Kitchen .  The kitchen is designed with a wheelchair user in mind.  The sink area is accessible and both the cooker and the dishwasher are set at a level to allow access from a wheelchair.   The wall cupboards have switches which lower them to the guest.  There are sensors built in which stop the motion of the cupboards if anything is in the way.